Unlimited Bike Licensing Test in Japan. This is kind of mesmerizing to watch.

And a little bonus video of some little cars doing their thing at Micro & Mini Car Day. This was taken with my toy digital camera, Digi Clover San.

This may be the saddest car-related video I’ve ever seen.

Quick GLHS road test on the SPEED channel. I love the cold air intake on his car.

Why no, officer…this isn’t some kind of weird fetish. Why do you ask? o_0

Four days of work in 1:20. Here’s a time lapse video I took of all four days I worked on my GT when I was in NJ. Here’s what I got done: rebuilt the carburetors, changed all the hoses, changed the fan belt, replaced the distributor cap, rotor, wires and spark plugs, removed the pedal box and both master cylinders and reconditioned and painted the pedal box and cover (as well as some other things), and disassembled one of the rear brakes. Unfortunately, I had to leave things half-finished (which I hate doing) because I needed to leave early to avoid the hurricane. I don’t think I did too badly though, considering I did all of this by myself and I haven’t worked on the car in 20 years.

New Jersey to Rhode Island in 43 seconds.

I took this video recently with my new camera that does time lapse photography. It took one photo every minute over the course of about seven hours. I suggest listening to this while watching it.

Someone commented on my Trabant photo in my Flickr with a link to this video. I thought it was wonderful, so I figured I’d share. It shows two mechanics doing some final assembly and panel fit procedures on Trabants on the assembly like. I love the guy with the overalls and the mustache!

Grand Prix by Rémi Gaillard

Rémi Gaillard is a prankster from France who likes to pull off these elaborate and usually very illegal stunts and pranks in public. I think he’s hilarious.

As he says at the end of all his videos (in French): “It’s only by doing the completely ridiculous that you become a ridiculous nobody like me”

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