100 Percent Kulture Show at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA 5/22/2011

1956 Chevy Bel Air coupe

Despite a breakdown on the way, we made it to the show late in the afternoon. It was a heavily overcast day, which you can probably tell by the photos. Not exactly the best lighting I could hope for, but I was still able to get some decent shots. More after the cut (yes, I finally learned how to do a text cut!).

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Rumble at Ralph’s 9/25/2010, Worcester, MA

This is the last set of show photos from the 2010 season! Woohoo!

Ralph’s Diner isn’t a big space, but the quality of shows there is usually pretty good. It was a really nice September day, and some cool vehicles showed up. Here’s some of my favorites:

Harley & Chevy C10

DeSoto sedan

55 Chevy

Packard Sedan


Dodge Panel Truck

Nash Rambler American

Ford Panel Truck

Ford Deluxe coupe

Chevy Truck-based truck

I’ll be queuing up more pictures, and in the meantime if you want to see them all, go here to my Flickr.

Cummins Turbo Diesel-powered sedan

I dubbed this car “The Man Magnet”. It should be pretty obvious why:

Cummins Turbo Diesel sedan

Cummins Turbo Diesel sedan

Cummins Turbo Diesel sedan motor

Cummins Turbo Diesel sedan interior

Sure, that interior looks safe and comfy, why not? ;-)

Photos taken at the Orange Airport Drag Strip Reunion.

Return to Milltown, Palmer, MA, August 6-8, 2010

100th post!

This was my second year attending the Return to Milltown show. Last year I rode Honeybee in with camping gear strapped to it and camped on-site. That was a lot of fun, and it was so much easier (not to mention safer) to be able to simply stumble back to my tent and catch some sleep rather than worrying about the ride back home by myself on dark and lonely roads. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this year. Yes, I rode Honeybee in, but the camping this year was very limited, and they asked locals not to camp. It seemed like the camping area was already full by the time I got there on Friday anyway. Not being able to camp had a huge impact on how enjoyable the show was, and I had to maintain sobriety so I could ride safely back home each day. Even though this put a damper on things, I still had a good time; just not as much fun as I had last year. Anyway, enough of my rant. Here’s some pictures:

Wrecker Custom-Best of Show

Wrecker Custom-Best of Show Engine

Wrecker Custom-Best of Show Hook

Wrecker Custom-Best of Show Rear Suspension

This custom wrecker (I’m guessing a Ford?) won Best in Show.

Super Kool Ford

Super Kool Ford Back

This super cool Kustom Ford(?) really caught my eye.

Mercury Chopped Convertible

This chopped Mercury convertible was absolutely stunning


One of my favorite pics from the show; a sedan shooting flames

Free Candy

What? This guy seems legit.

A-Team Van Replicar

The A-Team van replicar

It's Kustom!

It’s Kustom!

Dodge Truck

Dodge pickup

VW-Powered Chopper

VW-Powered Chopper Engine

VW-powered chopper

Honad Military Custom Right Side

Honad Military Custom Right Side

Honad Military Custom Top

Honad Military Custom Left Rear

"Honad" Military-themed custom. Obviously, it’s some kind of large Honda, but the left side case cover said "Honad" on it in the Honda typeface!

BMW Cafe Racer

BMW Cafe Racer

Yamaha XS650 with sidecar

Yamaha XS650 with sidecar

Yamaha XS650 with a sidecar

Harley Shovelhead Dragbike

Harley Shovelhead dragbike

Harley Flathead

Harley Flathead

As usual, you can see many more photos from the show here.

New Hot Rod Movie

I thought this was pretty cool, it’s called “Deuce of Spades”. Check it out:


Fighter Fest, Part 4

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

U531355 on Trucker's Savage

U531355 (useless) sits on Trucker’s Savage. See, it’s tiny! Phoebe-sized, even. I was supposed to take it for a spin, but I never got around to it that weekend.

There was also a small rat rod show at the Bike Fest on Sunday, and I photographed it, of course:

Mercury Comet

Mercury Comet

Oldsmobile Rocket-powered Ford

Oldsmobile Rocket-powered Ford

Harley flathead trike

Flathead Harley Trike

Meanmachine Ford

Ford Sedan

Hard Times Dodge truck

Dodge Truck

The Rod's Shop Dodge truck

Dodge Truck

Pontiac sedan

Pontiac Sedan

Triumph Trident Steampunk Custom 1

Triumph Trident Steampunk Custom 2

Triumph Trident Steampunk Custom 3

Triumph Trident Steampunk Custom 4

Totally insane Triumph Trident Steampunk-style Custom. Not something I would ever own or ride, but I’m glad things like this exist out there.

And that’s it for FF10 pics from me. I hope you all enjoyed them =)

As usual, you can see all of my FF10 pics (including the ones I didn’t post to tumblr) here.

Hmm…I wouldn’t mind a teeny tiny hot rod. It’s Phoebe-sized =)

This post seems like it got deleted from Tumblr for some reason. Anyway…
Fun with unburned hydrocarbons at Return to Milltown, Palmer, MA, 2010. Video by me.

Sin Alley Saints Car Show, Providence, RI, July 17, 2010

The Sin Alley Saints car show was my second show of the weekend. Coincidentally, it was also held on my birthday, which was perfectly fine by me. This was a small show, but despite this, some very nice vehicles came out for it. The 1919 Indian from the Steel Yard Cruise Night was there, as well as some others, and there was a good assortment of motorcycles, rods, trucks, muscle cars and classics. There were also bands, a burlesque performance (which I unfortunately did not get to see) and vendors. I ended up buying a couple of really cute children’s hankies from the 1950s -brand new- from Rocket to Mars.

I brought my Honda CB100, Baby, to the show and gave my friend Mary a little ride around the grounds. Later, we took a spin in a 1957 Chevy too. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon at all!

Here’s my favorites from that day, and as usual you can see the rest here.

Mercury Chopped Sedan

Chopped Mercury Sedan

Bicycle-Based Antique Motorcycle

Bicycle-based antique motorcycle

Probably a Ford

Green Car's Headlight

Probably a Ford, but I really don’t know for sure. Whatever it was, it was really cool!

BMW R80 Cafe Racer

BMW R80 Cafe Racer

Chevy Convertible I think

Chevy Convertible (I think!)

Ford Econoline Pickup

Ford Econoline Pickup. I love these cab-over-engine trucks. This one was beautiful and matched my bike ;-)