Micro & Mini Car Day @ Larz Anderson, 7/15/2012

I actually have literally hundreds of photos to go through from previous shows, but I wanted to post up these for now. They’re photos taken with my toy digital camera, Digi Clover San, and my Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 using Impossible Project’s PX 100 film. Enjoy!

Crofton Bug

Saab Sonett III

Sliding lens cover vignette >.<

Fiat 500 PX 100

Fiat 850 Spyder PX 100

DKW F5 PX 100

Austin Mini PX 100

Citroen 2CV PX 100

Honda Z600 Coupe PX 100

Subaru 360 PX 100

Crofton Bug PX 100

Triumph Day @ Larz Anderson 7/31/2011

I’m only several months late with these photos…

See them all under the cut. Enjoy!

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A&W Cruise Night, 6/28/2011, Smithfield, RI

On a lark, I decided to head over on my little Honda to the weekly meet at the Smithfield, RI A&W. My bike gathered a small crowd as it often does whenever I bring it to a show, and of course people were compelled to wistfully tell me about their own little Hondas, which are now long gone. But that’s not the point of this post; this is about the cars that were there. It’s a small show for sure, but there were some interesting vehicles present. Here’s my favorites:

Buick Grand National

A Buick Grand National in amazing condition…especially with 100k on the odometer! There were two present at the show.

Chevy Camaro convertible pace car

A Camaro SS convertible pace car.

Chevy Impala convertible

A Chevy Impala convertible. We can’t stop here, this is bat country!

Ford Torino GT

A Ford Torino GT

Ford Anglia

Cute, Phoebe-sized Ford Anglia hot rod.

Packard Standard Eight Station Wagon

A gorgeous Packard Standard Eight Station Wagon. I talked with the owner for a while and he opened the hood to show me the flathead straight eight motor (which I had never seen in person before). That car was soon joined by…

Packard 1934 Eleventh Series Super Eight Model 1104 seven-passenger touring car

A Packard 1934 Eleventh Series Super Eight Model 1104 seven-passenger touring car.

Pontiac Executive

A very stylish Pontiac Executive

Plymouth Duster 340

And one of my favorite muscle cars, a Plymouth Duster 340.

The rest of my photos from that night can be seen here.

Teeny Tiny Cars!

I’m headed to Larz Anderson again today for Micro Mini Car Day. I’m very excited for it; I’ve been meaning to go for several years now, but something has always come up. I can’t wait to see what’s going to be there, and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get a ride in one of the cars =)

(…and maybe that Domino will be there again.)

Bass Pro Shops Cruise Night, Foxboro, MA 6/16/2011

Ford Model A

I have a love/hate relationship with the Bass Pro Shops Cruise Night. On the one hand, the show is huge and has the widest variety of cars out of any show I’ve been to, from completely stock antiques, hot rods, muscle cars, kit cars and the like, to vintage imports, newer imports and modern muscle and specialty cars. On the other hand, it’s a very difficult show to photograph for several reasons: the cars are parked in normal-sized parking spots arranged in an east-west orientation, so the car is either backlit or has the full force of the sun (and your shadow) cast on it, depending on which way it’s facing. Some cars are impossible to photograph, simply because of where they’re parked and the orientation of the sun. To make matters worse, it’s usually very hot there (it’s all asphalt that has spent the day soaking up the sun’s heat) and mobbed with people, which adds another layer of difficulty to photographing the cars.

Since there’s so many cars at the show, I can’t photograph them all, so I try to pick and choose the ones I find the most unique or interesting. Some of my favorites are after the cut, and I’ll be posting more over the next few days.

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Ford farm truck going through a big puddle

This Ford farm truck certainly doesn’t get handled with kid gloves.

Photo taken at the 100 Percent Kulture Show.

Get in my garage!


Sweet Mini for sale at the 100 Percent Kulture Show. Yeah, I’m greedy…I still want a Mini.


Offy B&W

Photo taken at the 100 Percent Kulture show.

100 Percent Kulture Show at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA 5/22/2011

1956 Chevy Bel Air coupe

Despite a breakdown on the way, we made it to the show late in the afternoon. It was a heavily overcast day, which you can probably tell by the photos. Not exactly the best lighting I could hope for, but I was still able to get some decent shots. More after the cut (yes, I finally learned how to do a text cut!).

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It’s always something…

Older bikes = frequent breakdowns. This was on Route 146 in MA, en route to the 100 Percent Kulture show last weekend. One of the guys went back home and got his van to come to the rescue. While we were waiting, I went and got coffee and muffins for the guys and some lunch for myself and we made a picnic out of it. And we still made it to the show =)