Micro & Mini Car Day @ Larz Anderson, 7/15/2012

I actually have literally hundreds of photos to go through from previous shows, but I wanted to post up these for now. They’re photos taken with my toy digital camera, Digi Clover San, and my Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 using Impossible Project’s PX 100 film. Enjoy!

Crofton Bug

Saab Sonett III

Sliding lens cover vignette >.<

Fiat 500 PX 100

Fiat 850 Spyder PX 100

DKW F5 PX 100

Austin Mini PX 100

Citroen 2CV PX 100

Honda Z600 Coupe PX 100

Subaru 360 PX 100

Crofton Bug PX 100

Hey Sweden!

Saab 96

Saab 96

A nice pair of Saab 96s.

Photos taken at Rumble at Ralph’s.